Energy Efficiency Module – Session 1

Summary of the Virtual Conference

So many years there have been critical and innovative work in the ship propulsion optimization in order to guarantee safe trade logistics and passenger travels. Trends in the shipping industry related to environment, digitalization and emission regulations have evolved the perception of efficient ship propulsion systems. At lower costs more efficiency within low emissions and fuel consumption is the main objective for ship operators. So the main focus of this online event will be following subtopics of two main sessions:


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Apostolos Poulovassilis
Strategy & Business Development Director
Business College of Athens
Asbjørn Halsebakke
Manager Technical Solutions Marine
Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch
Lars Greitsch
Managing Director / Head of Research and Innovation
MMG - Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH
Panos Theodossopoulos
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Oceanking Technical & Trading S.A.
Nikolas Vaporis
Chief Technical Officer
Capital Ship Management Corp

Video Recording of the Virtual Conference