Ballast Water Management

Summary of the Virtual Conference

Ballasting operation is crucial for safe and efficient shipping operations. However it is no doubt true that the ballast water had significant damages to the marine environment within alien species and control measures become a must. At any given time, 35 000 ships are en route on the water of the Earth and more than 3000 species are being transported in their ballast tanks. The IMO BWM Convention regulations came into force on 8 September 2017 which directed industry players to the implementation of the BWMT evolved into the trend in the shipping industry, outstanding enhancements were achieved. But there is still a way towards 2024 with new standards and challenges are inevitable. In this webinar we will try to find out answers for following questions with the help of experts:

The Agenda includes:


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Sahan Abeysekara
Principal Specialist
Lloyd's Register
Nikolaos Vaporis
Technical Manager
Capital Shipmanagement
Shobhit Agarwal
Project Manager
Maersk Line
Gregory Papadakis
Managing Director
Papadakis Shipyards Brokers S.A.
Jurrien Baretta
Technical Sales Manager
Paul Jacob Bins
Founder and Managing Director
Peterson Vessel Performance Centre | Control Union

Video Recording of the Virtual Conference