Maritime Cyber Security

Summary of the Virtual Conference

The shipping industry focuses on decarbonization or green matters more while overlooking the cybersecurity issues. The entrance of the digitalization resulted in an astonishing effect on the shipping industry, however, it brought some concerns about Cybersecurity. Recent studies have found the technological systems used on tankers, containerships, and cruise ships easily penetrable. 98% of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, exposing personal and confidential data on the network. IMO's Maritime Safety Committee, at its 98th session in June 2017 adopted Resolution MSC.428(98) regarding Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safety Management Systems. The resolution encourages administrations to ensure that cyber risks are appropriately addressed in existing safety management systems (as defined in the ISM Code) no later than the first annual verification of the company's Document of Compliance after 1 January 2021. We decided to touch the cybersecurity importance in order to raise awareness by discussing the following issues:

The Agenda includes:


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Rafael Company
Security and Environmental Protection Manager
Valenciaport Foundation
Jakob Paaske Larsen
Head of Maritime Safety & Security

Video Recording of the Virtual Conference