Green Ports

Summary of the Virtual Conference

The growth of the trade led to massive use of the shipping and the process has rendered the new policies as the measurement a priority. The heart of commerce, the ports suffer from ecological degradation, the group of factors influenced negatively. The concept of Green port is a combination of the policies implemented by authorities in order to make the ports more sustainable and climate friendly. Ports have been trying to attain a “green” status by introducing new technologies and renewing their infrastructure while avoiding unnecessary energy use. Therefore, the green concept is gaining support as a way to develop and operate port businesses to prevent the environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and unsustainable natural resource use. In order to comply with the deadlines of IMO, the shipping industry actors are ready to take structural actions to convert the system into the green. In this virtual panel discussion we will try to discuss following subtopics with the help of experts:


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Raúl Cascajo
Head of Environmental Policies
Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia
Chryssanthi Kontogiorgi
Environmental Officer and Safety Advisor
Piraeus Port Authority SA
Heidi Leander Neilson
Head of Environment
Port of Oslo
Andreas Slotte
Head of Sustainable Development
Port of Helsinki Ltd

Video Recording of the Virtual Conference